About Us



KEEPLEADER is a hi-tech joint venture, Located in Beautiful Shenzhen, was founded in 2009, has Sales office in Shanghai and Beijing to expand international Service and cooperation, has recruited many well educated and qualified Engineers and Sales representatives, KEEPLEADER has shareholding factory, is Mainly manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, High Frequency Welding Machine, hot melt welding, printing, branding and peripheral machines concerning Ultrasonic, High Frequency and hot melt Technology, KEEPLEADR Adopted Constructive and win-win nature of market model, Sales and Production is separated, by Which the customers to Maximize their protection of interest, in order to provide comprehensive ranges of solution, Basing on our Manufacture, KEEPLEADER has established Strategic partnership with many top-list factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan City of Guangdong province, Jinghua city and Ruian city of Zhejiang province, Wuxi, Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, The market Center has been dedicated to optimization and integration of developing, producing, marketing, service and application technology of ultrasonic and high frequency technology, and providing quality products and best solution for users, also has recruited many well educated and qualified engineers to drive our machine with fresh design, quality-improved, customized and easy-to-operate and maintenance, also many of experienced, down-to- earth sales representatives to provide good after service


Cooperation, double win, details orientation, creative working


Has accumulated rich experience in Manufacturer by over ten years
Self-owned workshop and professional process equipment
Implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system
Independent operation of logistic, Sales, and Service Center
Professional managers, Co-ownership, liability partnership
Adopting Advanced ERP managing system
Resource sharing, information optimal configuration
Information can be tracked, responsible for each staffs, accountability

Manufacturing characters

Having adequate information sources
Contract to person processing center and assembling center
Specific Division, Refinement of operation, Facilitate the process of Continuous improvement
The products CE, Rosh certificated
Independent Market and technology development department
Having complete quality control process
Owning advanced machining, process, testing equipment
OEM and ODM are available
High quality downstream supplier chain
Having necessary stock for standard products
Strategic partnerships, the price and delivery time is protected by privilege
All of machine sold have one year guarantee, life-span free technical assistance
No-minimum order limited

Highlight of Sales-service

Has shareholding factory
Achieve more complete supply china, by which there sources can be optimal allocation
Having engineer, sales, service team to work with the factories, by which quality and service are under control
Good managing system, by which we record all of necessary communication by files, let the after-service has complete information
All of staffs have over five years experience in their fields
The interest of customers are double guaranteed
The customers have wide choose, various customized experience can satisfy different application
Resources supported by domestic market, but focus on international cooperation
Stricter order confirmation, tracking, after-service system
Under request from customers, the sales engineers can go abroad for installation, debugging and maintenance at any time
CRM System is easy to track back and sort out correspondence for easy after-service