Available Service of Machining Center


SHENZHEN KEEPLEADER has various machine equipments to complete 80% process and treatment,

Also has strategic subcontract for special machining process, the share holding machine center

Must guarantee delivery time and drawing required machining standard


1:1: The machine center cannot change the drawing required machining standard

1.2: The machine center has right to suggest on machine process

1.3: Any modification and improvement must get written approval from quality control department

1.4: The drawing must be well filed and sorted

1.5: The machine center must full understand the drawing before working

2: The machining process

2.1: The machining process is edited by quality control and technology department

2.2: must machine according to flow-chart strictly

2.3: The machine center has not right to modify or change the standard

2.4: Any changes or improvement must get approvals from quality control department

2.5: The machine process must pasted on the front of machine with required standard


3.1: The machine center must self-check complete work piece before flowing to next position

3.2: Must sort our the defected components and record the checking method and result

3.3: the operator must check machine date according the drawing and machining process

3.4: well keep the checking equipment in good condition and performance

Tile: Equipment list

1: Pneumatic control bending machine

2: Digital control curling machine

3: Laser cutting machine

4: Laser engraving machine

5: Polishing machine

6: Welding machine

7: Automatic drilling machine

8: CNC

9: Punching and cutting machine

10: High pressuring painting gun

Post time: Aug-23-2019